Impress your guests with our range of fresh platters and catering for functions, lunches and events with delivery options available.  Our Deli staff are happy to arrange a selection of gourmet goodies that meet your catering requirements and keep your event fuss free!  Speak with our Deli department today on 07 3357 5433 or email us  at

Note:  Dear customer, please be advised that food and catering products prepared or on open display at Zone Fresh may contain traces of nuts.  Please advise of any nut or food allergies on placing your order.



Seasonal Fresh Fruit Platter

A selection of in-season fresh fruit, these may be subject to seasonal availability and include: watermelon, honeydew & rockmelon; kiwi fruit; strawberries and more.  

Medium (Serves 8-10 People).....$65 Large (Serves 10-15 People).....$80



 Fruit & Cheese Platter

Entertain in style with in-season fruit teamed with a selection of cheeses with choice of camembert, brie or blue.

Medium (Serves 8-10 People).....$70 Large (Serves 10-15 People).....$90


Gourmet Antipasto Platter

Beautifully presented selection of cold meats including mortadella, parma ham, sopressa salami; marinated feta, fresh bocconcini; olives and semi dried tomatoes; dolmades, stuffed peppadews and marinated mushrooms together with a selection of dips.

Medium (Serves 8-10 People).....$75               Large (Serves 10-15 People).....$95

Choose crusty bread or crackers....$5 Extra  Choose crusty bread or crackers....$5 Extra 

Choose a gourmet dip                                        A selection of two gourmet dips
Dolmades                                                           Dolmades
Semi dried tomatoes                                          Semi dried tomatoes
Stuffed peppadews                                            Stuffed peppadews
Marinated mushrooms                                       Marinated mushrooms
Grilled eggplant                                                  Grilled eggplant

Black marinated olives                                       Black marinated olives
Green stuffed olives                                           Green stuffed olives

Mortadella                                                           Mortadella
Sopressa salami hot/mild                                   Sopressa salami hot/mild
Prosciutto parma ham                                        Prosciutto parma ham                         
                                                                           Marinated Feta


Party Platter

Delight your guests with a beloved combination of small bites of tasty food including dolmades; salami sticks and kabana; a selection of table cheese; semi dried tomatoes and olives together with a selection of dips.

Medium (Serves 8-10 People).....$75               Large (Serves 10-15 People).....$90

With crackers....$5 Extra                                  With crackers....$5 Extra 

Choose a gourmet dip                                        A selection of two gourmet dips
Dolmades                                                           Dolmades
Semi dried tomatoes                                          Semi dried tomatoes 
Grilled eggplant                                                  Grilled eggplant                     

A three cheese selection                                    A gourmet cheese

Green and black olives                                      Green and black olives
Kabana or salami sticks                                     Kabana or salami sticks

Chicken Platter

A tray of succulent hot roast chicken pieces served on a bed of fresh lettuce garnished with cherry tomatoes and served with crusty bread.

Medium (32 pieces).....$65

Large (48 pieces).........$85




Cheese & Dip Platter

Two gourmet dips together with a selection of Brie, Camembert and hard cheeses served with crackers.

Medium (Serves 8-10 People).....$70 Large (Serves 10-15 People).....$85


Gourmet Deli Platter   

A selection of premium cold meats, accompanied with freshly made salads and served with crusty bread.

Medium (Serves 8-10 People).....$75 Large (Serves 10-15 People).....$90

Sandwich/ Foccacia Platter

An assortment of freshly prepared sandwiches or foccacia’s.


Gourmet fillings include:         smoked salmon, cream cheese, onion, capers & rocket; pesto, swiss cheese & salami: rare roast beef, honey mustard, red peppers & swiss cheese.

Classic fillings include:           leg ham, mayonnaise, cheese & lettuce; creamy egg & lettuce; roast beef, & chutney; chicken, cheese & mayonnaise

Kids fillings include:                ham & cheese; hundreds & thousands; vegemite & cheese; honey; jam.

Please ask our friendly staff for our full range of sandwich fillings.

Kids...............$2.50 each

Classic..........$5.99 each     

Gourmet........$6.99 each

Foccacia.......$8.99 each


Ask us about our range of individually portioned cheesecakes now available!  


Specialty Salads

  • G reek Salad
  • Pumpkin Bocconcini
  • Green bean Chicken and Almond
  • Mediterranean Chicken and Couscous
  • Pear, Rocket and Blue Cheese
  • Potato Salad
  • Pesto Pasta
  • Coleslaw
  • Fresh Quinoa
  • Caesar Salad
  • Honey Pumpkin Chicken and Walnut
  • Sweet Potato Rocket with Feta

Per Kilogram................$24.99 /kg

2 kgs or more...............$19.99 /kg  
         * 24 hours notice required for all orders

Other catering options available include:
  • Ask our friendly staff about our designer cheese boards for your next occasion.
  • Bulk salads – choose from any of our fresh salads made on the premises. We can even fill your favourite bowl if you bring it in advance.
  • Bulk quantities of any of the gourmet delights from our deli department.

* Products used are subject to availability.