Gourmet Groceries

We aren't like your regular supermarket when it comes to our range of specialty groceries. Zone Fresh Gourmet Markets specialises in those hard to find fresh and local and international products that aren’t typically available to you in your major supermarket. This diverse and intriguing collection offers items such as homemade ice creams, lactose free chocolate and an impressive assortment of muesli and yogurts, with a special mention towards Italian and Asian cuisine. While you can still find those basics like milk and bread for those late night runs you will also be able to find those unique and local products that are designed to give you the best experience in quality and in taste.

Come in and check out the exciting range of ice creams, biscuits, breads, yogurts and many more today!

Sweets and Chocolates

Have you tried raspberry and bourbon vanilla chocolate before? Are you lactose intolerant but still love your chocolate? Finding it hard to find pre made sweets for your coeliac diets? You can find all of these things and more on our shelves at Zone Fresh. We stock a large range of sweet and savoury biscuits and baked goods that are available in traditional, gluten free and even sugar free options. Searching for an interesting gift? Try giving one of our gourmet ranges in chocolates and chocolate covered nuts a try. It’s sure to impress your friends and family. Don’t forget the pure organic range either!.

Specialty Icecream

Take a step away from your classic ice creams and come and try our range of locally handmade ice creams available in store. With such a diverse range of flavours and textures it will be hard to choose which one try first! Most of these items are not available in major supermarkets but are well worth the trip to Zone Fresh to treat yourself to a little comfort food. Support your local famers and stores today!

Pastas and Sauces

If you are searching for that authentic, true Italian flavour, look no further than Zone Fresh. Our extensive range includes many products that are supplied by local, family run businesses, one supplier has been running for more than 40 years! Gluten free and more specialty items such as squid ink pasta are also available for those gourmet foodies around town. Including ranges in fresh, frozen and dried products you can be sure to find that special indulgent taste without compromising your budget.

Jams and Relishes

Relishes to enhance your staple diet and jams to but a little zing in your cooking, come and try them all at Zone Fresh. From both national and international suppliers there are a wide variety of items available ranging from the traditional to the more exclusive tastes. Looking for something a bit different or have something special in mind to go with that Christmas lunch or dinner party? We will have something to suit you, and if we don’t we will try our best to get it for you.

Oils and Vinegars

You'll be impressed with our collections of oils and vinegars, no doubt about it! We have your standard olive oils to meet nearly all of your cooking needs but why not try something that is a little different? A variety of fruit, nut and truffle oils that can be a little difficult to find, are stocked high on our shelves at Zone Fresh. Why not indulge in a little luxury at home with these oils and vinegars today! We also have a gourmet range of spices, dukkas and sea salt rubs to liven up even the most basic meal!

Dairy (Milk, Yogurts and Cream)

Here at Zone Fresh we understand that you want the very best products for your family so look no further than our range of organic, pure and farm fresh dairy items in store. Milks, creams and yogurts are all available with lots of different variations to suit your diet and taste. Bonus most of the items sold are made right here in Queensland, so you are guaranteed to supporting Queensland’s farming industry! We take pride in stocking locally produced dairy products straight from the farm, to your shopping basket.

Breakfast Mueslis

With the general population becoming more aware of their dietary intake, look no further than our deliciously addictive range of breakfast mueslis to kick start your day. Organic, gluten free and traditional varieties are all available with an emphasis on high quality produce. With an enormous amount of support for our Australian businesses, these items have been selling off the shelves! So hurry in to pick up some for yourself!