Quality Fruit & Vegetables

Fresh produce is on offer all year round in our gourmet fruit and veg department. Seasonal fruit that you can enjoy from summer to winter is stocked full on our shelves with only the freshest available to you. Don't forget the veggies either for all of those home cooked meals!

If there is a something specific you want to find, give us a call or pop into the store and our produce staff will try to get it for you.

*Please note that all fruit and vegetables are dependent on availability.

Summer Fruit and Vegetables

Pool parties and lazy sunday afternoons. Why not pair it with a refreshing summer fruit salad? Have a look on the link to see what you can buy at Zone Fresh during the hot and sticky months.

Winter Fruit and Veg

Those delicious soups are calling your name but which one to pick? A hearty pumpkin or classic minestrone?

Check out all of the fresh produce options available to you in our store during the cold winter months.

Spring Fruit and Veg

Fresh spring nights spent out entertaining on the patio but what to cook for all of your guests?

Follow the link to see what local produce is available to you this spring!

Autumn Fruit and Veg

What type of fruit can I put in my kids lunch box today? Why not check out our page that lists what type of fruit and veggies are available this season.