Community Card


As a locally owned business, we understand the important role that community support plays in not only building our business, but shaping the communities local to our store.  This is why we've developed our 'Zone Fresh Community Card Program' to help us assist local community Schools, Clubs and Organisations to help us give back by doing what we do best, providing quality fresh foods to participating member groups.

What is the Zone Fresh Community Card Program?

We would like to offer our support by to the community by pledging 2.0% of the total value of any purchases made by the holder of a 'Zone Fresh Community Card'

at Zone Fresh Gourmet Markets, exclusively to the community group to which the card holder is affiliated, to be used as in-store credit by the group organisers.  An example of this would be, if you where issued a Zone Fresh Community Card by your child's school, then 2%of the value of whatever you purchase with us at Zone Fresh would be made available to the school, to spend as they see fit.  Topically this available credit might be used to support the Tuck-shop. provide catering or other food goods (sausage sizzle) for event days, fetes or fundraising. 

How do I use this program as a member?

All you have to do is present your 'Zone Fresh Community Card' to the checkout operator at any point during the purchase of any Zone Fresh products and 2% of your total spend will be contributed towards the community group who provided you with your card. These funds will be made available to the group as in-store credit immediately and will be available for them to spend as they see fit on products and services offered by Zone Fresh.


Who Can Use It?

Anyone is able to use the Zone Fresh Community Card! More users will directly result into more funding for the group being supported. If you would like to give a card to a friend or relative, please contact us on the details listed below or via our website, and we will arrange to have additional cards sent to whoever can best make use of them.


How can my Community Group get involved?

If you're part of a community based organisation, institution or business that might be able to benefit from joining the Zone Fresh Community Card Program, please do get in-touch with some information about your organisation via our contact page.

Our policy

For further information regarding any of our Zone Fresh Community Fundraiser programs or to see our full terms and conditions for the 'Zone Fresh Community Card', please view the following document.


Sausage Sizzles

We are always looking for opportunities to assist community fundraising efforts where possible. The Sausage Sizzle fundraiser is not a new idea but it works really well under the right circumstances and we think we have what it takes at Zone Fresh to hold a great weekend sausage sizzle.

As a fresh food retailer we also think we can make it a much easier and simpler process for volunteers heading up the fundraising effort as we have the fresh food required on hand in-store. We can also offer customers greater choice with our full range of gourmet sausages being gluten free, hand-made on site and available in a variety of flavours.

How does it work?

Schools, fundraising groups and other community interest groups are invited to apply to Zone Fresh to conduct a sausage sizzle at the front of the Zone Fresh Store at 142 Newmarket Road Windsor on Saturdays or Sundays. The event aim is to raise funds for community or charity initiatives only.


Our policy

For further information regarding any of our Zone Fresh Community Fundraiser programs or to see our full terms and conditions for the 'Zone Fresh Sausage Sizzle Fundraiser', please view the following document.