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The New Queen of super-foods

Joe Appleton - Tuesday, January 31, 2017



QLD Plum the new Queen of super-foods.


Often referred to as the “Antioxidant Plum” the Queen Garnet Plum is causing quite the stir in the health-food community due to its remarkably hight levels of anthocyanin. This powerful antioxidant found in the purple/red colors in fruit and vegetables is associated with a wide variety of health benefits including assisting with a range of inflammatory conditions and also has strong known antibacterial qualities.

Trials being done at the University of Southern Queensland by their biomedical sciences division are focusing on possible beneficial health outcomes for some lifestyle diseases as well as heart and liver functions. These benefits aside, the Queen Garnet Plum is especially popular due to the fruits remarkably sweet flavor given its high concentration of anthocyanin which is naturally sour making it an easy choice fruit choice for both adults and children.

In response to the growing interest in the Queen Garnet a range of products has been developed by Nutrafruit that includes a 250ml bottle of pure Queen Garnet Plum nectar, a health powder and of course fresh plums.

We love our fresh Garnet Plums here at Zone Fresh so stop by, view the products and try a Queen Garnet Plum next time you’re in.

For more information visit or take a look at this interesting video about the wonder plums potential contribution to dementia studies.






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