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The World's Finest Aroma Cacao

Joe Appleton - Monday, March 20, 2017





Over 85% of the worlds finest cacao comes from Latin America, of that we think we've found the best of it in Republica Del Cacao.

Unfortunately not all chocolate is created equally. The Milk, Dark and White buttons from Republica del Cacao were developed to to bring a Chef grade
chocolate to your home pantry that is as versatile and easy to use as it is delicious.

All products are locally produced from beans, sugars and even milk sourced locally from Latin America with local farmers and farming cooperatives benefiting from fair pricing and a demand for high quality produce.  We recommend visiting their website for the full story, meanwhile, we have the following products in-store today available from our Deli.  Each packet comes with a suggested recipe, form Macadamia Dark Chocolate Cookies to White Chocolate Bavaroise we highly recommend checking this range next time you're in-store. 



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