Why you should try the Venezuelan Love Orange

Do you remember the saying “It’s what’s on the inside that counts”? Well the Venezuelan’s may very well have had this frase in mind when they named the Cara Cara Navel Orange which literally translates to “Beloved” in Latin.

Discovered in 1976 this fruit could easily be mistaken for any run-of-the-mill orange but slice one and you’ll be greeted by a rich and vibrant deep pink flesh with a citrusy aroma and exotic flavour to match. Compared with traditional navels Cara Cara’s are typically sweeter with a slightly tangy aftertaste making it the perfect fruit to start your day with a bang.

The raspberry rich colouring of the flesh is the result of a high concentration of Lycopene which is a powerful antioxidant commonly found in many other ruby fleshed fruits such as pink grapefruit, but does not carry the same bitterness making them much more palatable for younger children and those who generally prefer a sweeter flavour.

As these Oranges are completely seedless Cara Cara’s are ideal for adding to salads, they also make a great accompaniment to sweet meats such as Duck, Pork or Chicken and their juice and rind work wonderfully when reduced in a stir-fry or added to a marinade. Recently I substituted Cara Cara juce for water when cooking porridge and the result was sublime when topped with fresh winter berries and a drizzle of orange blossom bush honey.

If you’re looking to try this Australian grown seasonal fruit stop by Zone Fresh as we’ve got a full display in-store and please do ask for a sample. If you’re short on time checkout our new online store and we’ll deliver right to your door step. If you happen to be one of our business customers or interested in our catering options please do request that we add Cara Cara’s to your next fruit platter.

However you slice it, we highly recommend you add the Cara Cara Navel Orange to your shopping list and enjoy one of nature’s lovely little surprises.

For more information you can visit our suppliers website here.

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